The qualification process for the Boston Marathon was recently lowered by five minutes in 2018.  This was heartbreaking for many that qualified for the 2019 running, but with countless thousands of athletes wanting to run, the Boston Athletic Association had to do something. This is an infamous race that features a point to point course with just over 300ft of gain.  Boston is always run on Patriot’s day, which is the third Monday of April. Race start is mid morning, which is different than most races. Also, the point to point race means that the logistics are something to consider. Depending on your age group (not the same age group standards as triathlon) you will have to run a qualifying race in order to get your ticket to go to Boston.  The Heartbreak Hill is one of the most famous hills in marathons and this race has it.  While it’s not that bad, many think it will be worse than it really is.  The race has been officially gong for more than 120 years with no canceled races.  Enjoy these episodes that feature the Boston Marathon.