Escape From Alcatraz

San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Early June


This race is unique in it’s on right. There are many reasons why a great number of athletes want to do this race. For many years the thought of someone swimming from the “Rock” to the mainland. The swim is just the beginning here though. This course takes athletes on a journey through the city with a run on the beach. It’s not an easy race but one that will leave you wanting to go back to challenge yourself again. This is a 100% self supported bike ride with zero aid stations. The run features many challenges such as the sand ladder and other notable obstacles. I hope you’re able to learn from the interview below about the 2018 race. Next year, I hope to have more athletes share their experience.

Would I do this race?

Bike Elevation Gain: ~1,585ft

Run Elevation Gain: ~578ft