This race is amazing on a few different levels.  It’s in the middle of the summer in Texas.  It’s going to be HOT! Right!  But it is also a wetsuit legal swim.  Yes, 95% of the time you can bank on the swim being wetsuit legal.  This is just part of the race.  The race itself is going to be a challenge for athletes for a few reasons.  First, the colder swim, but then the bike ride is no joke.  Athletes will have a hill, I mean mountain, right out of T1.  Make sure you are using a good cassette.  Then a few rollers.  The main section of the bike ride, normally in 90+ degree weather will give you even more hills.  The road quality is something that is to be desired.  After the bike, athletes will go back down the same hills to the same Transition area.  This begins the looped run course that has little shade and features an out and back segment on a hill that is challenging as well.  If you plan to do this race, sunscreen, nutrition, and hill work are key.  I wouldn’t do this race because it is not my cup of tea.  It is out in the middle of nowhere (in my book), and it is a smaller race. If you’re doing Kona, this is known for being a great prep course.


Would I do this race?  No