IRONMAN© 70.3 Canada

Whistler, BC, Canada



This is a race that many want to do, but after talking with athletes of both the full and the half, I realize that this race needs to be largely improved upon.  I would love to do this race one day, but until I know changes have been made for athlete safety, I would not do this race.  Bike drop off for example is fun, but you have to walk your bike forever in a day to get there.  Lots of walking before a race isn’t cool. Also, the distance of the aid stations need to be improved.  Not enough time to get what you need and the full and half riding on narrow roads isn’t safe.  Tight turns, rough roads, inexperienced riders mixed with type A personalities doesn’t make for a fun day.  The heat on race day coupled with athletes not being able to adequately get water sucks.  For athletes doing this race, prepare for hills.  If you’re a flat lander, you need hill work. Lots of it.

Would I do this race?  Not yet