IRONMAN© 70.3 Coeur de’Alene

Coeur de’Alene, Idaho



This race offers beautiful views, hills, and a friendly race experience.  The reason I would not do this race is location.   I’m a Tennessean living in Texas, so for me to get there, I’d need to get a flight for just an okay race.  I personally don’t think this is a race to write home about.  While there are many athletes that love this race, the course, and other things about this race, I’m not one of them.  This race, even though in June, is a wetsuit legal swim and has cold water, like really cold in comparison to other races.  The bike has some hard turns and you need bike handling skills, the run is in town and is a looped run course with two loops.  While there’s not much gain on the run, you still need to be okay with a few popping hills.

Would I do this race?  No