IRONMAN© 70.3 Gulf Coast

Panama City Beach, Florida



Oh boy, this swim course.  Prepare yourself.  This is an ocean swim, out, across, and back.  The bike course is very, VERY Flat. Less than 30ft of gain.  #Bringonthewind. You will have wind here and lots of humidity.  This is a beautiful course, but lots small things to consider.  Like with ocean water swimming, salt water, sun in the eyes with sighting, sand in transition, humidity, nutrition, and hydration issues here.  Just think and make a list of your comfort level and make sure you know your hydration plan here.  Don’t change the plan just because you’re uncomfortable.  The city itself seemed welcoming from what I encountered.  The full is also in this city so if you’re doing the full, this is a good warm up race.  Be prepared for the wind.


Would I do this race?  Yes