IRONMAN© 70.3 Haines City

Haines City, Florida



The swim course at this race will benefit the athletes who can sight well with no mistakes.  If you cannot sight well and you go off course quite a bit, you will not find this course fun. In fact, you may find yourself getting lost on this course.  This is a great race, but the swim course is the infamous M swim. The bike course isn’t that challenging, it’s quite engaging, but has some turns that need to be noted, one of which is a negative turn and can be troublesome for those who do not have the best bike handling skills.  The run is a three loop run course that goes around the lake that you swam in and has open areas with no shade.  Be mindful of sunscreen here and make sure you get in aero and stay in aero as much as possible while being mindful of the corners.  Aid stations are well maned and well stocked here.


Would I do this race?  Yes