IRONMAN© Liuzhou

Liuzhou, China



What a race this is.  I’m unsure if I’d call this an ideal race or not, but if you’re wanting to get your slot for Kona with only doing a 70.3, this is the race to do it at.  This is a hard race for athletes in the west to get to, but if you’re willing to feel unsafe and have fun in other parts of the world this may be the race to do.  This is a race that will be fun to do, but nutrition, bike issues, and even if you’re gluten intolerant like Shannon is, are all things to consider.  Traveling to other countries like China, even flying pose risks in today’s culture.  Check the news, travel advisory’s, and make sure you are not traveling with any things banned in that country.  Data files will be wrong, maps are labeled incorrectly, and the issues of knowing where to go, and how to get from place to place are important factors.

Would I do this race?  No