IRONMAN© 70.3 Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, California



The city is great, but the complications of the point to point bike, with more than 40 MILES in between creates logistical issues with timing, bike transport, and you cannot forget anything you need to bring to T1.  Transition 1, is on a paved parking lot at the lake.  The lake is at the top of a mountain. Not sure how that works, but I didn’t design the world.  This means coming out of T1, you’re going downhill for a while.  Be CAREFUL!  You can wreck easy here.  Coming out of the water here, you’ll go up long boat ramp.  There is a bridge you will go under, that is where the wet suit strippers are.  The boat ramp is long and steep, be prepared for this to be a slower T1 time.  If you’re going after a slot, practice running up hill after a swim. Transition 2 is easy, then go to the run which is on a path that is a mix of concrete, gravel, dirt, and pavement.  Some parts are shaded well, some aren’t.  I’d wear a sleeved kit.

Would I do this race? No