IRONMAN© 70.3 Texas

Galveston, Texas



If you’re looking for a great first timer’s race, this is it.  Brackish water swim, most years it is wetsuit legal, almost always optional at least for age groupers. Concrete transition area, flat and easy to navigate bike ride.  Three loop run that is similar to a cross country meet.  Don’t get your hopes up for the views on the run.  The bike ride is known for having headwind, crosswind, and tailwind.  It is an out and back bike course that is not directly east to west, and depending on what time you start the bike ride you can experience headwind both ways and even a tailwind both ways.  You’ll need wind training going into this race.  This will allow you to know what you’re feeling at the time of the race.  The bike course is simple, but will have you riding in the lanes that you’re not used to.  Be careful, stay with the directions. 

Would I do this race? Yes, I’ve done this multiple times.