IRONMAN© 70.3 Waco

Waco, Texas



In 2018, we saw the switch from the Austin 70.3 to Waco.  This new race was obviously sponsored by a title sponsor in the sport and had a great course reveal via facebook live.  This was quite annoying to many athletes, but for the publicity, I can’t blame them, I’m sure they paid a pretty penny for this.  While the race was coming closer to race week it began to rain and rain and rain some more in Texas.  We noticed this was going to be a growing concern with athletes in regards to the swim.  The rising waters of the river would end up being unsafe to swim in for a variety of reasons.  This also meant that the run course needed to be changed because the run route that was original was on the river as well.  The spectators, Sherpas, and the infamous finish on the bridge in Waco is quite amazing to hear about.  I was not there this year, but maybe in the years to come.  I look forward to this new staple in the great state.  Lodging wasn’t an issue, but you need to book early.  Athletes doing this race in the future need to be aware of heat, humidity, and the fact that if the course goes through the park again, there are hills.

Would I do this race? No, for now, but maybe in the future.