IRONMAN© 70.3 World Championship

Location Varies Year to Year


2018 - South Africa

Cape Elizabeth, South Africa was the host of the 2018 half distance world championships.  I knew many athletes that went down to race and I loved the format of the race. Two days, one day for female athletes, one day for male athletes.   Ladies first, which allowed women to have a better weather day.  The community itself welcomed the athletes, their Sherpas, family, and crew with open arms.  Going above and beyond the traditional norms of the race is amazing.  There was a parade of nations.  Athletes really felt special at this race.  Athletes also had a very cold swim here, but it got warmer at 300-400 meters out.  Kind of odd, but it’s part of it. The travel though ate everyone’s lunch.  Flights, lodging, and rental cars were very expensive, especially for those coming from North America. 

Would I have done this race if I would have gotten a slot? No. This would have been too expensive.