IRONMAN© Arizona

Tempe, Arizona



This late season full is known to have a beautiful and stunning bike course. Fast run course with spectators lining many parts of the run. The temperature on race day varies quite a bit from year to year.  The swim here can be very cold, or just mild.  I would recommend knowing that you can’t run out of the swim.  It can be slippery here and athletes need to be careful.  The bike course is a looped course.  There are cases in the past where athletes have been hurt on the bike course by wrecking.  Be careful on the bike course.  I’d say this is an okay selection for a full, but I personally wouldn’t do it.  Something about this course doesn’t speak to me personally.  Others may love it, want to do it, but something doesn’t “WOW” me about this venue. 

Would I do this race? No.