IRONMAN© Boulder

Boulder, Colorado



This race in 2018 was a hot race that saw many athletes DNF.  This is an amazing course but there are some things about this race that was changed from 2017 to 2018 that changed my mind about doing this race.  First and foremost, my bike is very sacred to me, just like other triathletes I know. I spend a lot of money on it, and I’m protective of my bike.  At this race, they move your bike and gear bags for you from the reservoir to downtown Boulder.  Personally, I don’t want anyone touching my bike, much less someone that I don’t know.  Moreover, I know that the people who are moving the bikes are moving a large amount of bikes at once, and then going to be in a rush, poorly paid, or even a volunteer.  No one is going to care about my bike like I care about my bike.  This reason alone makes me never want to do this race.  Next, you have elevation.  The race is at elevation.  I interviewed Brian and Kitty, who DNF’d, who doesn’t live at elevation.  Troy who lives at elevation, Erik and Jarret, who do not live at elevation but traveled there three weeks prior.  All have tips for traveling to elevation races.


2019 was the Sunset year for this race. Sad to see this race leave the circuit.