IRONMAN© Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee



In 2018 the city of Chattanooga experienced a large amount of rain in the days leading up to the race.  This caused the river to flood, which led to the cancelling of the swim and the change of the run course.  The ability the race directors had was astonishing to pull this off on such short notice.  I’d like to make a note here.  I’ve done the full course here at IMCHOO.  I would do this course again.  I felt welcome by the venue, city, and even the people on the bike course.  In years past there was some tacks and oil spilled on the course (2014), but that negative has since passed.  The city offers free parking on the street on Sundays.  Parking lots do not have free parking, I learned that the hard way by getting a ticket.  I would stay at an air bnb versus getting a hotel for sure.  There is a parking garage there that is easily assessable that is not known near the transition area.  Flat all day fee.  Food is great, venue is wonderful, and the bike course is 4 extra miles.  The downriver swim, normally, is controlled by the TVA, from what I understand and with the amount of people and usage increased for the race, more power is needed, which means more water is let through the dam.  This makes for a faster swim.  Swim water is clean fresh water.  Bike course is a lollipop course, two loops.  Run is hard.  Period. Do hill work, train in the heat, exposed sun is natural here.  Lots of running on a highway. Finish line is amazing.  Do it.

Would I do this race? Yes.