IRONMAN© Lake Placid

Lake Placid, New York



Wow.  I could say many things about this race.  But I’m going to be quite frank and transparent.  I volunteered for two athletes that I coached in 2017 for this race.  I was not impressed.  From an athlete stand point it’s a mediocre race.  Yes, you get to finish in the oval, you get to have a three mile decent, but it’s just a meh kinda course and venue.  What I was most appalled to find out is the logistics behind this race.  Room rates are jacked up to $400 a night everywhere in the city.  Air BNB’s are jacked up to higher rates than Kona in October.  The good things I liked about this race course was the bag hangings in transition and volunteers can actually get bikes off the racks for athletes and have it ready for them.  Athletes have the chance to see spectators at the bike special needs. Things I absolutely despise about this race is the simple fact that the swim out to transition is nearly a HALF MILE LONG.  This is good and bad. The swim out is on a beach, which is fine.  Athletes are then shuttled onto grass, then onto the road, uphill, downhill, into the changing tent.  All of which is lined with carpet.  This is great right?! Get this shit though.  The race organizers think it’s a wonderful idea to put the wetsuit strippers right in the sand on the beach.  Yes, you’re about to go ride 112 miles of hills, so let’s just put sand in your crotch before you get out on the bike ride and rub yourself raw with sand.  Sounds like a wonderful idea right?!  Is it beautiful, yes, is it spectator friendly kinda, is it worth the money, maybe to some, but for me, this is a hard pass.  Not to mention getting there.  Closest big airport is five hours away.


Would I do this race? Simply put no.