IRONMAN© Maryland

Cambridge, Maryland



This is a flat course with many unique issues surrounding it.  This is a lollipop swim course. Yes, a two loop, in the water swim course.  There is a timing matt in the water.  How weird is that?  There may or may not be jellyfish here and there is also things to make note of like many athletes think that just because a course is flat, it’s easier.  But with flat roads and nice conditions, you get wind.  Also, if you are in the same gear for 6hours, you don’t get a break from taking off the gas.  You have to be on the pedals the entire time.  As far as the organization, location, and welcomeness to the venue, I’d say it’s about normal.  It seems like the city is cramp, hard to find a place to stay, and can be problematic for people finding places to sleep, eat, and other things, but I can’t confirm that.

Would I do this race? Maybe, on the fence about this one because I don’t like flat courses, but I like Galveston 70.3.