IRONMAN© New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand



After interviewing athletes from North America that went down to New Zealand in 2018, I realized that this is a fun race that is well worth the travel.  There will be logistics to consider, but overall this is worth it.  You’ll need to know that there are no calories/carbs offered on the bike ride, the aid stations are on the left side of the road versus the right, and the roads on the bike are absolute good ole chip seal roads. The fun things to know about this course is sometimes you’ll get to see that professional triathlete Laura Siddall gets to race and announce here.  The hole in the atmosphere is real, and you need sunscreen.  Heed Matt’s advice and wear a sleeved kit and wear sunscreen.  He didn’t.  I personally wouldn’t do this race just because the money to spend on the race and the time of year isn’t ideal for me.  But if you have the means and desire to do a full in March, this is a good selection.

Would I do this race? Yes