IRONMAN© 70.3 Oceanside

Oceanside, California



This season starter for many athletes is a go to and a must do.  Oceanside is an amazing athlete experience that is something that even Sherpas and athletes alike will enjoy.  You can park your car and not worry about moving it.  When you think of large scale races, this 70.3 brings the field size, quality of professionals, big names, prize purse (normally), and some challenges.  The swim can be changed based on a few things, but they will do their best to do the swim.  Prepare for an ocean swim, wetsuit legal.  The transition is unique. Make sure you know the area, where swim in, bike out, and your bike is located for this race.  Familiarize yourself well for this transition. Also, the bike course.  Be aware, this bike course is going to be tough. You can use a road bike, but a triathlon bike is going to be faster.  You’ll need to be knowledge about the bike course.  The bike course is going to be daunting and may even demoralize you on the bike. The big mountain is there, it’s going to suck, but it’s worth it.  The run though is amazing, but you have to be aware this is going to be very exposed and your nutrition needs to be on point.  If you’re not prepared for heat training, it may suck a lot more than it’s supposed to, so be prepared.

Would I do this race? Yes.