June 16 Check in

I feel good about this weeks’ progress to be honest. More miles, but also more easy miles. Not looking for a lot of speed in the runs right now, but maintain consistency through everything. I’m a bit discouraged to be honest about the slower times in comparison. But it’s all easy stuff right now. No injuries to really speak of. I’m having fun with it, enjoying it, and motivated.

My friends are about to make some major life changes which may impact things or may not. We shall see.

AnnMarie, my wife, just took the last test for her CPA test. I’m so proud of her for putting herself out there and doing something hard! I mean she’s really putting herself out there and doing it. Also, we’re looking at new houses. I’m stoked about this one floor plan, but it may not work out, it may. I can only hope for the best right now.

I don’t know when the last time I hit more than 35 miles in a week was. Much less more than that. Let’s do it.

Current weight: 207ish?

Current MPW: 37.1

Total time Training: 7hrs 19min 25sec

Pace for mileage this week: 11:51/mile (7:22/K)

Weeks 1’s Average Pace for training: 9:44/mile (6:03/K)

Confidence in completing Comrades:  Nope. Not there. I feel like I could do a half marathon with ease right now. Much further, than that is nothing. So, 22K/90K or 11/45’s confidence??