Strong Finish - 8.13

Strong Finish


I didn’t mention a small blister on my second toe on my right foot.  It appeared after the run on Saturday.  Other than that everything seems to be mentioned in the video.



Current weight: 210.4 +4lbs since last week

Current MPW: 46.2

Total time Training: 7:52:52

Pace for mileage this week:  10:14/Mile (6:21/K)

Week 5’s Average Pace for training:  10:48/Mile (6:42/K)

Week 4’s Average Pace for Training11:47/Mile (7:20/K)

Week 3’s Average Pace for Training: 16:46/Mile Pace (includes the incline)

Week 2’s Average Pace for training: 11:51/mile (7:22/K)

Weeks 1’s Average Pace for training: 9:44/mile (6:03/K)

Confidence in completing Comrades:  I felt good about this week and have some solid confidence now.