Sweaty Facial - 7.29

I’m happy with this past week to be honest.  I’m losing some weight, slowly, not fast but steadily.  I’m doing some good work on the run and my motivation is high.


I’m enjoying the long runs and really having some confidence for the run in October, but I’m still a long way from where I want to be but the road is long and I’m ready for the journey.


Other life stresses at the moment.  My wife is changing jobs in the near future, we’re moving later this year and I’m graduating from school.  So many things to be excited about but also the unknown is real at this point.  I’m looking forward to some solid work this coming week with 41 miles on the chopping block which is about a 20ish percent growth, yes I know this is aggressive.  I don’t feel any pain or issues in my body, just fatigue at this point. 



Current weight: 204.8. Down a few 2.2lbs

Current MPW: 36.7

Total time Training: 7:13:52

Pace for mileage this week:  11:47/Mile (7:20/K)

Week 3’s Average Pace for Training: 16:46/Mile Pace (includes the incline)

Week 2’s Average Pace for training: 11:51/mile (7:22/K)

Weeks 1’s Average Pace for training: 9:44/mile (6:03/K)

Confidence in completing Comrades:  Building slowly at this point.  The hills in the middle of the long run are getting better and I’m also getting stronger, I feel that.

Times of all the hill repeats.

Times of all the hill repeats.