Wild at Heart

My weight.  I’m beginning to feel fucking defeated.  I’m wanting to lose weight.  It’s not coming off.  I’m not eating like shit.  I don’t have sweets, candy, or fastfood.  I’m eating enough, or at least I think so? And I’m not losing weight.  I know my friend Harold Wilson said it a while ago, you have to keep doing the work for a long enough time, then the body will catch up.  I keep thinking of this.  I want to get faster, I want to get stronger, but I’m not losing weight. I’m going to start going back to the gym. Getting my squat game and leg day game back on at least twice a week.  After my workouts.  I think this will make a significant difference in my ability to climb and speed on the track.


I named this entry wild at heart because I could have easily just said fuck it and turn around on my long run.  But I didn’t.  I wanted to be the one in control of my run, not some wild hog.  Side note:  That mother fucker was huge. 


Life stress at the current time is almost non-existent.  I’m enjoying what I’m doing, I have some episodes on the podcast I’m excited to get out, but my internet recently has been garbage.  It’s taken more than an hour to upload one episode and for this YouTube video more than two hours. 


Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of the paces I need to hit for my marathon in January for my corral placement at Comrades.  I’d say that St. Jude and the 50K right now are just training races where I plan to be in good form and tapered but expectations are lower.  My PR for the marathon is currently 4:17:00.  If I ran that time, I’d be in corral F.  For myself, I really want a sub 3:39:59 at Houston.  I’m going to really push for that.  It’s going to be a tough pace for me, but I know with the training, it’ll come.  I just have to lose some weight, do the training, and be consistent with it. 

Below is a spreadsheet of the hillwork and the times of the hills, and the paces before and after the hill work. 



Current weight: 207 or so. No change. 

Current MPW: 30.1

Total time Training: 8:25:00

Pace for mileage this week:  16:46/Mile Pace (includes the incline)

Week 2’s Average Pace for training: 11:51/mile (7:22/K)

Weeks 1’s Average Pace for training: 9:44/mile (6:03/K)

Confidence in completing Comrades:  Worse than last week to be honest.  My weight isn’t moving.  I need to lose close to 30-35lbs.  This is a crutch of mine.