306 - IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant – Todd Malcolm

This is an amazing episode with Todd Malcolm.  I love what he shares about his race and I would expect nothing less than this type of experience from the Race Director at Mont Tremblant.  Truly an amazing race organization up there in Canada and Todd being a coach we talk about the critical eyes on the event and how the race went off without a hitch.  Thanks for sharing your experience with the podcast and I look forward to following you in the future!


Weather that day: 16-25C

Water: 21C


Age Group:  M45-49

Height:  5’11”

Weight:  142lbs

Calories per hour: 260

PSI for this course:  90

Bike Elevation Gain: 5500ft

Run Elevation Gain:  876ft

Swim: 1:02:15

T1: 3:40

Bike: 5:43:15 

T2: 2:44

Run: 3:36:59

Total Race Time:  10:28:58

Gender Rank: 120

Division Rank: 14

Overall Rank: 143


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My name is Todd Malcolm and I am Head Coach of No Limits Triathlon. On Aug 18 in Mont Tremblant I took part in my 16th Ironman. This would be my 3rd go at IMMT and I was very curious to see how I would do. My previous attempts at IMMT I have fallen apart on the run. My goal this year was to be solid on the run. In preparation for IMMT I started the year with Boston marathon, then two training camps. One in Mallorca and the second in Hawaii. Both had 70.3 races at the end. These 3 races allowed me to build fitness and confidence leading in the Canadian summer and triathlon season.

Race day was perfect for me. Not too hot or cold. Around 16 degree C in the morning with flat water. My swim was decent with no issues finishing in just over 1:02. My goal was 1:00. IMMT has a rather long run to T1 but I put my head down and was quickly on the bike in 3:40. My goal was 3.5 mins. Once on the bike I strongly focused on nutrition and getting in calories every 30 mins and maintaining power around 180 – 199. I had a NP of 191. The winds picked up on the 2nd loop and my speed dropped and I finished in 5:43. My target was 5:20 – 5:30. I was a bit disappointed but knew that I felt good coming off the bike and this would allow me to run well. My T2 time was 2:44. Goal time 3 mins. So right on track. For the run I wanted to focus on HR and nutrition. I felt that if I could keep my HR sub 160 and fuel every 20-30 min I should be able to have a good run. I stuck fairly close to my goal and finished the run in 3:36. My goal was 3:35. I finished the race in a time of 10:28 and finished in 14 place in the men’s 45-49 group (325). Overall I was 143/2379.
When I look back at my race I can say that I am very pleased with my 2nd fastest ever Ironman. I followed my race plan very closely and this produced a fantastic result. Next up for me is the 70.3 World Champs in Nice, France on Sep 8 2019 and I am super excited.
Thanks for reading!