70 – Patriot 70.3 – Andrew Luneau

This episode is for a wonderful small race up in New England called the Patriot 70.3. I do this episode with my friend Andrew Luneau.  He talks about the good things of a small course and small race.  He also passes on some amazing tips that anyone can learn from and shares information about his training from unique perspectives as he’s been in the sport for just over three years. This is a great flat course that is known for Personal Records.


Weather that day:  57 - 84

Water:  68


Age Group: M 35-39

Height:   5’10”

Weight:  165

PSI for this course: 100 

Depth of Wheels:  55mm deep

Swim – 38:45

T1 – 2:40

Bike – 2:36:01

T2 – 3:12

Run – 1:52:56

Total Race Time:  5:13:31

Gender Rank: 83

Division Rank: 11

Overall Rank:  100


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Instagram:  @triandlun

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Strava:  Andrew Luneau

On the Bike.

On the Bike.