73 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake – Mark Clee

I continue the Buffalo Springs Lake series with my friend Mark Clee.  Mark mentions how he is being coached by the talented Harold Wilson.  While he approached this race with one mindset when registering, it was during the travel to and preparation for the race that things changed and he had to understand that on race day, things would be different due to temperatures, winds, and other elements.  He talks about how he adjusted his original plan per his coach’s advice to insure that he have a successful day at the race. We talk about his gym in Southlake, Texas Impact Performance and Fitness, where Kevin Kordish is his personal trainer.


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Weather that day:   78 - 93

Water:  74


Age Group: M 35-39

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  185lbs

Calories per hour: 300

Cassette:  11/28

PSI for this course:  100-110

Swim – 31:49

T1 –2:23

Bike – 3:08:15

T2 – 2:19

Run – 1:40:26

Total Race Time:  5:25:10

Gender Rank: 38

Division Rank: 7

Overall Rank:  42


Mentioned on this episode:

Impact Performance & Fitness:  https://www.impactperformancesl.com/

Kevin Kordish:

Base Salt:  https://www.baseperformance.com/products/base-electrolyte-salt-4-vials



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