74 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake - Coach Jen Rulon

In this continuation of the IRONMAN© Buffalo springs lake with my friend and very experienced coach Jen Rulon.  Jen has been in the sport for more than 26 years!  She brings an enormous amount of experience to this podcast and I enjoy hearing that we all go through the same things on race day.  While she had some negative things happen to her, she allowed herself to control some things on race day that changed her outlook afterwards.  The hardest thing she went through was the wind. 


Weather that day:  78 - 108

Water:  Wetsuit Legal


Age Group: F 45 - 49

Height:   5’8”

Weight:  133lbs

Calories per hour: 260

PSI for this course:  90

Depth of Wheels: disc & 80

Swim – 35:26

T1 – 2:13

Bike – 3:07:20

T2 – 2:46

Run – 1:59:54

Total Race Time:  5:47:37

Gender Rank:  18

Division Rank: 3

Overall Rank:   94


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