78 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Cour de’Alene – Dylan Gillespie

I continue my series of Cour de’Alene 70.3 with my friend Dylan Gillspie from Bozeman, Montana.  He had a spectacular race and we dive into talking about his race and training leading into this race.  He was the fastest male out of the water on this day.  He won the overall age group race by a mere 26 seconds.  Dylan is being coached by Haley Chura who won the Professional division here at this race.  Dylan has some very exciting news that he was able to share for the first time on this podcast.  While he finishes just seconds ahead of second place, he did win the race and that feeling was quite emotional for not only him, but his wife.  He tells what made it so exciting in this episode.


 Weather that day:  51 - 82

Water:  63


Age Group: M 25 - 29

Swim – 25:28

T1 – 1:50

Bike – 2:18:46

T2 – 1:29

Run – 1:29:24

Total Race Time:   4:16:57

Gender Rank: 13

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank:  13


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