88 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Muncie - Justin Brown

I begin my series of IRONMAN© 70.3 Muncie series with my good friend Justin Brown. Justin admits that he didn’t train to the best of his ability for this race and had a not so great day by his standards.  He also sheds light on how it is to go cheap for a race by camping versus hotels.  Yes, you have showers.  That was my first thought.  But seriously, he has several good tips for new athletes and experienced athletes a like, grab a pen and some paper for some notes on this episode.  Thanks Justin for coming on and sharing your experience.

 Enjoy the show. To see pictures from his race, go to

Weather that day:  68 - 90

Water:  83


Age Group: M 35 - 39

Height:   6’0”

Weight:  190

Calories per hour:

PSI for this course:  110lbs

Depth of Wheels:  standard

Swim – 55:06

T1 – 2:29

Bike – 2:54:13

T2 – 2:04

Run – 2:45:39

Total Race Time:  6:39:31

Gender Rank: 604

Division Rank: 103

Overall Rank:  903


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Post Race

Post Race