94 – IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Amy VanTassell Professional Triathlete

I begin my voyage through the IRONMAN© Lake Placid venue with my dear friend and amazing athlete Amy VanTassel.  VT has been doing triathlons for many years, has completed Lake Placid’s race before and this year is the 20th Anniversary of the race. The conditions on race day were quite uncharacteristic of Lake Placid.  On one side of the bike course was wind and sun where the other side had rain and hail.  Amy shares her in depth experience in the city and give tips of her experience for everyone to learn.  Thank you for joining me VT.  I look forward to following you at IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant!

Weather that day:  46 - 79

Water:  74


Age Group: PRO

Swim – 1:07:58

T1 – 3:49

Bike – 6:21:05

T2 – 2:06

Run – 3:30:33

Total Race Time:  10:54:31

Gender Rank: 15

Division Rank: 11

Overall Rank:  96


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Powerbar: https://www.powerbar.com/

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On the Bike

On the Bike

Finish line

Finish line