95 – IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Gina Bencivenga

I continue my series of IRONMAN Lake Placid with my friend and fellow triathlete Gina Bencivenga.  She’s been doing triathlons for many years now and this was her second time racing Lake Placid. She shares a lot of tips about her training, race day preparation, and even race day execution.  She enjoyed the training and racing, but also shares what it’s like to have a full time job, mother of two amazing kids, and train 24 hours in a week.  The balance is tricky but she shares tips of how she does it.  Thank you Gina for sharing your experience about the race with me.


Weather that day:  46 - 79

Water:  74.1


Age Group: F 35 - 39

Calories per hour:  100

PSI for this course:  115

Depth of Wheels: 60

Swim – 1:11:525

T1 – 5:49

Bike – 6:25:04

T2 – 3:46

Run – 3:56:33

Total Race Time:  11:43:01 (PR)

Gender Rank:  36

Division Rank: 6

Overall Rank:  236


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