96 - IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Michele Bagrowski

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race I chat with my friend and fellow athlete Michele Bagrowski about her experience at IRONMAN© Lake Placid.  This was the 20th year that Lake Placid has hosted the IRONMAN© event.  While she may not have finished the race, she shares her journey, her story, and most of all her perseverance in the sport. Thank you for coming on the show and I look forward to seeing you back out on the course soon.

Weather that day:  46 – 79 (Rain and Hail)

Water:  74


Age Group: F 35 - 39

Height:   5’5”

Weight:  184lbs

Calories per hour: 150

Depth of Wheels: 60mm

Swim – 1:16:29

T1 – 10:13

Bike – 8:52:27

T2 – 9:04

Run – N/A

Total Race Time:  DNF

Gender Rank: N/A

Division Rank: N/A

Overall Rank:  N/A


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On the bike

On the bike