100 – IRONMAN© Lake Placid – Vanessa Snyder

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race I talk with Vanessa Snyder about her recent race at IRONMAN Lake Placid.  This was her first full distance triathlon! She talks about how she went to Lake Placid and didn’t spend $4,000 on lodging.  Also, we talk about the mental aspect of the race.  She shares so much about her race and the enjoyment she was able to share with her experience.   Thank you for sharing so much and I look forward to following you in Vegas!

Weather that day:  46 - 79

Water:  74.1


Age Group: F 30 - 34

Height:   5’4”

Weight:  135lbs

Calories per hour:  200ish

Depth of Wheels:  80mms

Swim – 1:23:20

T1 – 11:08

Bike – 8:08:14

T2 – 9:24

Run – 5:10:39

Total Race Time:  15:02:43

Gender Rank: 380

Division Rank: 51

Overall Rank:  1519


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