108 – Chisago 70.3 – Joe Adrieans

In this episode I talk with my friend and returning guest Joe Adrieans about his recent race at the Chisago 70.3 triathlon in Chisago City, Minnesota.  This is a golden nugget race that many athletes are not aware of that is a well-organized and very affordable 70.3.  For first timers and athletes that want to experience a great race, this is your race.  Joe and I discuss some of the mental side of things as well as nutrition and how to actively maintain an injury free training program as volume and intensity increases.  Thank you so much Joe, I look forward to following you at KONA this year!

Weather that day:  55-82

Water:  73


Age Group: M 35-39

Calories per hour: 300-350

PSI for this course:  80-85

Depth of Wheels: 7.8EVE front/disc

Swim – 28:58

T1 – 1:10

Bike – 2:19:31

T2 – 1:15

Run – 1:23:56

Total Race Time:  4:14:52

Gender Rank: 3

Division Rank: 2

Overall Rank:  3


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Every Man Jack:  https://everymanjack.com/

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Normatec:  https://www.normatecrecovery.com/

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