110 – IRONMAN© Canada – Meghan Faulkenberry (KQ)

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and talented athlete Meghan Faulkenberry.  She had a wonderful day at IRONMAN© Canada this year where she placed first in her age group and punched her ticket to KONA. She had a solid day but in her mind it wasn’t quite perfect as things happened that she still had to overcome. Coming off the bike, she had wet soggy feet which did not help her start the marathon run she had ahead of her.  She shares so much of her experience about going hard, enjoying the day, and her training going into this race. Thanks for coming on the show Meghan, I look forward to following you on the big island!

 Weather that day:  55 - 96

Water:  73


Age Group:  F30-34

Height:   5’7”

Weight:  125lbs

Calories per hour:  275

PSI for this course:  100

Depth of Wheels: 60mm(F)/80mm(R)

Swim – 58:28

T1 – 3:21

Bike – 5:48:09

T2 – 2:47

Run – 3:43:00

Total Race Time:  10:35:43

Gender Rank: 2

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank:  39


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