111 - IRONMAN© Canada – Coach Chris Bagg Professional Triathlete

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and fellow Coach Chris Bagg.  Chris is the owner and head coach of Chris Bagg Coaching Group and is just filled with a ton of knowledge.  As a professional triathlete, writer for Wattie Ink, and very experienced coach, he is able to shed light on what it’s like to not only race and train as a professional, but also his lifestyle, and how everyone is susceptible to having bad days.  Chris is coming of a previous DNF and is looking for a solid day to put things together and prepare for the bigger race at IRONMAN© Louisville in October.  Good luck in your training and thank you so much for coming on the show Chris I will see you at Louisville in October!

Courtesy of Ken Anderson Photography (www.kenandersonphotography.ca)




Weather that day:  55 - 96

Water:  73


Age Group: PRO

Weight:  180

Calories per hour: 750-800

PSI for this course:  95-100

Depth of Wheels: 60/disc

Swim – 57:45

T1 – 2:35

Bike – 5:29:06

T2 – 2:10

Run – 4:08:38

Total Race Time:   

Gender Rank: 42

Division Rank: 13

Overall Rank:  44


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Great White North (Photo Courtesy of Ken Anderson Photography ( www.kenandersonphotography.ca ))

Great White North (Photo Courtesy of Ken Anderson Photography (www.kenandersonphotography.ca))