19 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Texas - George Cespedes

In this episode I talk George Cespedes about his race at Ironman Texas 70.3 in Galveston, Texas.  While he has been in the sport for more than 20 years, he sheds light that every race is different. He stresses always being prepared for anything, because of this, he was one of the few athletes that was prepared for the colder weather. Coming from Colorado, he talks about a service that makes his travel with his bike so much easier. George passes on some tips that many age groupers and even pro athletes could take advantage to stay warm in challenging conditions. Also, he talks about the obstacles for those coming from a hillier area where you aren’t training on flat lands much.


Weather on Race Day:

Air Temp: Mid 40s – Mid 50s

Water Temp: 69.7

Age Group: M 55-59 

Height:  5’8”

Weight: 180lbs

Swim – 38:18

T1 – 4:35

Bike – 2:52:22

T2 – 2:14

Run – 2:04:57

Total Race Time:  5:42:26

Gender Rank: 219

Division Rank: 17

Overall Rank:  877


Follow George,

Instagram:  @trianimalgeorge

Twitter:  @trianimalgeorge

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gcespedes


Mentioned on this episode:

Tri-animals:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/260381197487310/?ref=br_rs

Tri-Animal Endurance:  https://www.trianimalendurance.com/

First 2 Cross:  https://f2cnutrition.com/en-us/

Tribike transport:  https://www.tribiketransport.com/

Cosmic Mavic:  https://shop.mavic.com/en-us/road-and-triathlon/wheels/fast-and-light.html 

Xterra wetsuits:  https://www.xterrawetsuits.com/

Rudy project Wing Span: http://www.rudyprojectusa.com/index_inner.php?group_id=3&cat_id=87

Normatec Recovery:  https://www.normatecrecovery.com/

Ruby’s Lube: http://rubyslube.com/

George, AnnMarie, and myself.

George, AnnMarie, and myself.