32 - Boston Marathon - Elizabeth James

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend Elizabeth James about her marathon experience at the Boston Marathon. This was her first time racing the Boston Marathon and she talks about her travel to the race, nutrition, training, and even how as a coach she needs a coach because she needs someone to be objective with her with her training.  She also talks about her loving husband gives the best support ever.  He gets up early each morning with her, makes her breakfast, and even packs her lunch nearly every day because her goals matter to him too.  The details of how she go to where she is, how she got to Boston, and the training going into Boston are revealed in this episode.  Enjoy it and I hope you can learn something from Elizabeth James.

Enjoy the show. To see pictures from her race, go to

Weather that day:  40s, windchill in the 30s, raining throughout.

Age on Race Day: 28

Height:   5’8”

Weight:  140lbs

Run:  3:27:17


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Made it to Boston

Made it to Boston