42 - IRONMAN© 70.3 St. George - Rachel Olson Professional Triathlete

I continue the St. George series with my friend and returning guest Rachel Olson.  She talks about her life as a professional athlete, the balance of work, life, and training that many may not know about.  She also mentions her coach Siri Lindley and how they talk about each race and the work they put in for the race itself.  If you’re not aware, this course is brutally hot, along with having hills it makes for a perfect race that will test the training that you’ve put in.  She also mentions how she is a huge fan of F2C Nutrition and mentions how Glenda is truly an amazing person and devotes time to help the athletes in any way she can.

Weather on Race Day:  56 - 90

Water Temp:  60ish


Age Group:  F 25-29 PRO

Height:   5’2”

Weight:  125lbs

Swim – 25:36

T1 – 1:44

Bike – 2:37:25

T2 – 2:00

Run – 1:37:09

Total Race Time:  4:43:54

Gender Rank: 15

Division Rank:  14

Overall Rank:  116


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Mentioned on this episode:

Team Sirius Tri Club: https://www.teamsiriustriclub.com/

Siri Lindley:  https://www.teamsiriustriclub.com/

Peaks Apparel: https://peaksapparel.com/

Quintana Roo: http://www.quintanarootri.com/

Hoka: https://www.hokaoneone.com/

ISM Saddles:  https://www.ismseat.com/

F2C Nutrition:  https://f2cnutrition.com/en-us/

Tri bike transport:  http://www.tribiketransport.com/

Profile Design:  https://profile-design.com/

Photo is from Kwazadilla.

Photo is from Kwazadilla.

On the Run.

On the Run.