45 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Gulf Coast - Adam Hall

I begin the Gulf Coast 70.3 series with my friend Adam Hall. He’s been doing triathlons for many years. He gives a lot credit to his family and his loving wife for supporting him through his journey in triathlon.  While he gives all he can during the race, it’s the time that he dedicates to family time that he really looks forward to enjoying.  Adam was lucky enough to qualify for the World Championship down in South Africa, Congrats!!!  I look forward to following you down there.  He gives props to the officials, the athletes, the course marshals, and the police for putting on such a great race.  No drafting, plenty of good solid support and even better comradery with athletes. 

Weather that day:  63 -91

Water:  75.6


Age Group: M 40-44

Height:   5’7”

Weight:  145lbs

Calories per hour:  ~280

Swim – 33:14

T1 – 2:30

Bike – 2:29:11

T2 – 1:57

Run – 1:52:06

Total Race Time:  4:58:58

Gender Rank: 101

Division Rank:  19

Overall Rank:  105


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Rudy Project, Boost:  http://www.rudyproject.com/boost-01.html



OWS Prior to the race.

OWS Prior to the race.

On the Bike

On the Bike