49 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Chattanooga – Nali Hummel

I conclude the IRONMAN© Chattanooga 70.3 series with my friend and two year veteran of the sport of triathlon, Nali Hummel.  This was her second 70.3 of her career.  While she had an amazing day she shares the struggles of finding balance, credits her support and gives kudos to those who finished that day.  She ended up getting an unexpected call from IRONMAN© and tells the story of what that’s like when they call after a race.  Something we didn’t discuss is the fact that she raced on a ROAD BIKE and still had a sub 2:40 bike ride.


Weather that day:  56 - 90

Water:  74.1ish


Age Group:  F 25 - 29

Swim – 25:23

T1 – 4:05

Bike – 2:35:07

T2 – 2:10

Run – 1:45:50

Total Race Time:  4:52:35 (PR)

Gender Rank: 27

Division Rank:  2

Overall Rank:  166


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At the Finish Line

At the Finish Line