57 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Raleigh - Tom Clutter

I begin the IRONMAN© Raleigh 70.3 series with my friend Tom Clutter who shares his experience about the sunset year of this race.  While this is the last year of the race, it did take many by surprise that were there.  Some of the tips he shares relates to traveling to the race and how to plan getting into the race from more than 12 hours away driving. 


Weather that day:  69-88

Water:  80ish


Age Group: M 30 -34

Swim – 42:53

T1 – 3:20

Bike – 2:43:16

T2 – 4:49

Run – 2:09

Total Race Time:  5:43:30

Gender Rank: 272

Division Rank:  45

Overall Rank:  340


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On the bike

On the bike