64 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Wisconsin – Novia Plummer

My friend Novia just recently completed her race at IRONMAN© Wisconsin 70.3 and she sits down and talks more about the mental side of things.  Due to some of the conditions she mentions the sports psychology and how she leverages her thoughts for a better performance.  We laugh quite a bit and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you were at Wisconsin this year you know the conditions were less than favorable and she mentions how to adjust things on the fly for your day.


Enjoy the show. To see pictures from her race, go to


Weather that day:  60 - 67

Water:  74ish


Age Group: F 45-49

Height:   5’5”

Weight:  150

Calories per hour:

PSI for this course:  110

Swim – 1:05:23

T1 – 7:48

Bike – 3:35:20

T2 – 4:32

Run – 3:14:01

Total Race Time:  8:07:04

Gender Rank: 441

Division Rank: 47

Overall Rank:  1543


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Instagram:  @TexanTriatlete

Facebook:   Novia Plummer


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Post Race

Post Race

Medal and Hat

Medal and Hat