66 – IRONMAN© Boulder – Erik Greenfield

In this quick episode I talk with my friend Erik Greenfield who recently completed IRONMAN© Boulder, in Beautiful Colorado.  He mentions when he arrived at the city versus last year and shares some tips from his day that many will be able to learn from.  You may find that some worry about timing of getting to the city at altitude.  While not everyone can get there weeks ahead he shares an insight of when to arrive and leave as well as what happened on course with this massive DNF rate.


Weather that day:  67 - 95

Water:  68


Age Group: M 45-49

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  205lbs

Calories per hour: 350-400-bike/300-350-Run

PSI for this course: 

Swim – 1:28:34

T1 – 7:43

Bike – 5:14:32

T2 – 3:59

Run – 5:05:35

Total Race Time:  11:58:23 (PR)

Gender Rank: 186

Division Rank:  23

Overall Rank:  239


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