67 – IRONMAN© Boulder – Kitty Cole

In the next staple of the IRONMAN© Boulder series, I talk with my friend and returning guest Kitty Cole about her day at IRONMAN© Boulder.  She talks deeply about her nutrition plan and her plan for the race.  While things didn’t end perfectly, she did complete the entire 140.6 course and was announced at the finish line.  I enjoy hearing about this experience specifically because many do not know that things happen like this really happen. 


Enjoy the show. To see pictures from her race, go to


Weather that day:  67 - 95

Water:  68


Age Group: F 65-69

Calories per hour: 175-200

PSI for this course: 

Swim – 1:31:52

T1 – 14:32

Bike – 8:15:21

T2 – 10:40

Run – 7:10:31

Total Race Time:  DNF

Gender Rank: N/A

Division Rank:  N/A

Overall Rank:  N/A


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Instagram:  @HealthCoachKitty

Facebook:   Kitty Cole

Erik and Kitty

Erik and Kitty