68 – IRONMAN© Boulder - Troy (KQ)

In this episode I was able to talk with Troy with Team Siruis Tri Club about his recent race at Ironman Boulder.  This is an episode you may want to take some notes on as Troy goes over a lot of valuable information for a tough race course on what to do (and even what not to do) when things change during the race.  It was a high DNF rate this year at Boulder, and he was able to snag a slot for Kona here.  The best part I liked about this interview was how he approached the race with gratitude and calm energy and was able to stay in his head while others blew up around him.  He was able to have a solid day and talks about his future as well.

Weather that day:  67 - 95

Water:  67


Age Group: M 25-29



Calories per hour: 780

PSI for this course:  120

Swim – 56:29

T1 – 3:12

Bike 4:51:18

T2 – 3:26

Run – 3:43:04

Total Race Time:  9:37:29

Gender Rank: 23

Division Rank:  2

Overall Rank:  26


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Instagram:  @Troyrgc

Facebook:   Troy R Gc


Mentioned on this episode:

Team Sirius Tri Club: https://www.teamsiriustriclub.com/

Siri Lindley:  https://www.teamsiriustriclub.com/

Quintana Roo: http://www.quintanarootri.com/


Photo's provided by Troy:

On the Bike.

On the Bike.