275 - Challenge Cancun – Brandi Swicegood

Have you ever wondered what the process is like to get your “Pro Card” or what the emotions are like to achieve this?  In this episode I talk with Brandi about not only her race experience in Cancun, but also the journey to achieve her professional license. Some of the fun stuff we talk about along the way is how being a Mom, her training, and meal prep as well.  She also was able to meet one of my favorite athletes I’ve had on the show as well while she was down Cancun, VT! She’s got some great races coming up later this year so stay tuned and follow her for sure! Thank you Brandi for spending some time with me, I enjoyed getting to know you and share your story.


Weather that day:  80-90+

Water:  NONWSL


Age Group:  F40-44

Height:   5’4”

Weight:  120

Calories per hour: ~284

PSI for this course:  120

Depth of Wheels: 50F/80R

Bike Elevation Gain:  138ft

Run Elevation Gain: ~5ft

Swim: 33:19

T1: 3:12

Bike:   2:32:30

T2:  2:36

Run: 1:52:27

Total Race Time:  5:04:04

Division Rank: 2

Overall Rank: 3


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