273 – Challenge Cancun – Chris Schroeder

I sit down with Chris Schroeder about his race at the inaugural Challenge Cancun.  This was a solid race from Chris and we discuss how it feels to have fun with friends, catch up, and really race the race with the lead pack.  This venue is fun, fast, but it’s also very hot.  Even though this was the first year of the race, this was a solid effort of the city to put on a great race for a small 70.3 distance event.  No more than 350 athletes toed the start line this year.  It is my hope it grows.  Chris, thank you for spending time with me for this interview, I look forward to your continued success in the future!


Weather that day:  80-90+

Water:  NONWSL


Age Group:  PRO

Height:   6’3”

Weight:  170

Calories per hour: 325

PSI for this course:  80

Depth of Wheels: 60/disc

Bike Elevation Gain: 138ft

Run Elevation Gain: Negligible

Total Race Time:  4:17

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