145 - Fire and Ice 250K - Tom Deakins

Episode number 145.  In this episode I talk with Tom Deakins about his ‘race’ at the Fire and Ice 250K adventure race.  We talk about everything involved in this race.  I learned a ton.  Tom is being coached by my good friend Rebecca McKee. 


Imagine this.  Last night you got about three hours of sleep because the tent you were in was so loud due to the wind howling and to such a degree that the tent was blowing over and hitting you in the face nearly all night.  You wake up and get going and all you can see is lava fields covered with sharp rigid rocks.  No one is around you for miles.  The air is dry.  The wind is blowing in your face at 40mph and gusting up to 60mph.   The temperature is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  You’re wearing three layers of clothes, a buff and a beanie, a pair of running shoes and carrying a twenty-six pound backpack.  Your left shoulder is sore from the previous three days of running.  But nevertheless here you are at your first river crossing.  Out in front of you, you see a glacial river that is nearly 100 meters across and this is the first of two rivers you must forge and continue running.  You are currently at the 10 kilometer mark and you have 60 kilometers remaining to run after this river crossing.  And you know that in 20 more kilometers you have another river crossing that is a touch shallower than this river that nearly comes to your knees.  It is at this point you decide you have to keep your shoes on because you don’t know if there are rocks on the bottom of the river bed that can cut your feet.  As you get into the water you can feel the ice cold water beginning to fill your shoes, the water then hits your shins.  The thought that you are cold would be an understatement.  After this crossing you gather your bearings, what’s left of them, and then continue on down the path.  Later you cross the second river and it was nearly as joyful to cross as the first. It is as this point; you consider what makes you really want to put yourself through this in the first place.  The reason for you is vivid in your mind.  This is the story of Tom Deakins, whom I interviewed for the adventure race known as Iceland’s toughest foot race, the Fire and Ice 250km Ultra.

Age Group: 54

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  173


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