314 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Atlantic City – Bobby Campos

Bobby Campos had an amazing not only 2nd half Ironman but 2nd triathlon. Though his schedule was unorthodox and at times required training with almost no sleep, he embraced the suck and kept pushing through each and ever workout.  Bobby may not have enjoyed every workout but it would pay off.  On race day the conditions where far from perfect. Bobby started the day with some bubble guts that kept him racing to the porter potty’s. Then an hour delayed start, down pouring rain on the bike with crashes and flat all over the course and finally a break in the weather just in time for a hot run. Bobby didn’t allow any of this to penetrate his mind and just stuck to what his coaches Ray and Danielle Gogarty (The RaD Fam) told him to do. All of this would lead to him crossing the finish line where his saint of a girlfriend would show him the time that almost put tears in his eyes.


Weather that day: 85

Water Temperature: 73.9

Age Group:   M25-29

Height:   5’7”

Weight:   175

Calories per hour: 448

Nutrition Company used: Infinite

Depth of Wheels: Basic stock rims

PSI for this course:   100

Bike Elevation Gain: 725

Run Elevation Gain:   354

Swim: 37:12:00

T1: 6:47

Bike:    2:42:55

T2: 6:21

Run: 1:51:14

Total Race Time:   5:24:27

Gender Rank:   306 out of 1461

Division Rank: 30 out of 165

Overall Rank: 348 out of 2037


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